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Cat And Mouse with Anti Laser Detectors     

Taking You Where You Want To Go.
by: Michael Oliver
nti-Laser Detectors are what drivers use to warn of  
  oncoming police hunting for speeders.
Original laser detectors had short ranges less
  than .25 miles. The laser detector becomes
   less accurate as the distance increases since
    the light path widens from a pencil width beam
      to over 3 feet in diameter.
Light pulses from police laser detectors aren't detectible with standard radar detecting equipment, so driver detection of police lasers was developed fast. The original laser detector's limitations were almost like starting over in the 1950's with similar radar detector limitations.
Laser detector guns, just like original radar detectors, may not be used in moving vehicles. That may be an archaic limitation, but laser detectors have increased detection response by operating in the 90 GHz range, much higher than Super-Wide Ka-Band radar detectors.
Two industries spawned:

Police radar and laser detection guns verified speeding drivers.

Driver "anti" radar and laser detection devices warned of nearby police detection use.

Industry needed to advance.
As police obtained more sophisticated speed detection devices, so too did the anti-detection market develop.

"Can a Radar and Laser detector be detected when in use?"

Hardware detection technology wasn't just on the side of the speeder. Radar and Laser "detector detection" devices were now being developed for use by police officers to warn the police that a driver was being warned about them. These devices identified a driver with a radar or laser detector in use.
Obviously, this would have no use without laws that made the outcome beneficial to the police officer. So enacted laws gave police added power to stop speeders mostly who believed they were now "police-proof."

Police proof drivers are dangerous because he believes he is invincible and invisible. These people take so much for granted that they cause accidents from their inattentiveness alone.
Can a Radar or Laser gun be jammed?
As police detection devices increased in frequency and distance, it was clear that technology and laws had to adapt to stop the cat and mouse chase. Signal jammers were developed to send out radio signals that mimicked enough interference and returned false readings.
The laws change, but California, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Virginia, Utah and Washington D.C. all have laws that restrict the use of radar and laser detector jamming devices.
Is It Illegal To Sell These Devices In The United States?
Virginia and Washington D.C. have the most strict laws concerning these sales. However, it's not illegal to sell these devices in all 50 states, because the jammer can be turned off.
Companies that sell this equipment state that the police cannot detect specific anti-detection equipment, so it's the driver's responsibility to follow state laws. There's no great wisdom required to understand how the product is being developed, sold and used to skirt the laws.
How fast does a driver using radar or laser detectors want to drive?
It's not always about speed. Some drivers just don't like laws set against their personal freedoms whether they require seat belts: or they are told they can't use laser or radar detectors:

For some people, speed makes the thrill of driving, but there is one inescapable statistic...


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